How to achieve business excellence?

Digitalisation – the basis for progress

Digitalisation is not only technologically difficult, it is a societal adjustment that influences everyone. With the help of our experts you can use these changes as a competitive advantage for your own organisation.

Why are we a trustworthy partner?


Due to the fact that digitalisation encompasses both technological and sociological knowledge, our team consists of experts from all relevant fields and specialisations.


Current and relevant knowledge is needed for successful digitalisation. That is why our experts strive for continuous learning to increase and improve their roster of relevant certificates.


Due to the specificities of each organisation, we tailor and design our solution to fit your needs perfectly.

Our services


We aid our clients through the entire process of tender application. From the initial bureaucratic procedure and project management, to the preparation of intermediate and final reports.


When we handle projects for our clients, we primarily strive for cost optimisation and a high level of service quality.


We know how difficult the transition to a digital environment can be. That is why our experts dedicate time to consult and advise our clients individually.


With the help of our experts we ensure that our digitalisation strategies will realistically assess the situation of your organisation and will help you achieve your organisational goals. 


On the basis of our holistic people-centred digitalisation approach, we prepare personalised and in depth research tailored to the needs of our clients. 


Recommendations for policy makers

Based on panel discussions organized by the Institute for Digitization, IPM Digital together with the US Embassy in Slovenia in 2020, we have prepared some proposals for policy makers. The document is intended for all those who deal with the field of digitization and...

5G network and cyber threats

Kristjan Kos has prepared a column for the digital medium Homopolitikus, in which he summarizes the key findings of the conversation with professor dr. Muriel Medard, on 5G and cyber security, organized by the Institute for Digitization, IPM Digital, in cooperation...

How is artificial intelligence changing society

Tilen Gorenšek prepared a column for the digital media Homopolitikus, summarizing the key findings of the panel discussion “Digital Disruption: The Role of Artificial Intelligence”, organized by the Institute for Digitization, IPM Digital, in cooperation with the US...